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Pointer in C++

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Course Overview

Welcome to our online course on C++ pointers!
This course is designed to provide a thorough understanding of pointers, a fundamental aspect of C++ programming. Whether you are a beginner looking to grasp the basics or an experienced programmer aiming to enhance your skills, this course will guide you through all the essential concepts and advanced techniques related to pointers in C++.

What You Will Learn

In this course, you will learn:

  • Deference Operator (*):
    Understand how to use the deference operator to access the value stored in the memory location pointed to by a pointer.
  • Address Operator (&):
    Learn how to use the address operator to obtain the address of a variable.
  • Pointers and Arrays:
    Explore the relationship between pointers and arrays, and how to manipulate array elements using pointers.
  • Constant Pointers and Targets:
    Understand the concept of constant pointers and constant data they point to.
  • Void Pointer:
    Learn about void pointers and their usage.
  • Null Pointer:
    Understand the significance of null pointers and how to use them safely.
  • Function Pointer:
    Discover how to use pointers to functions for advanced programming techniques.
  • Pointer and Classes:
    Explore the use of pointers with classes, including dynamic memory allocation and object-oriented programming.