cpp data structures (heap, stack, list, queue)

Data Structures in C++

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Course Overview

Welcome to our online course on C++ data structures. This course is designed to help you master fundamental data structures such as queues, stacks, binary search trees, and linked lists. You’ll gain a deep understanding of how these structures work and how to implement them effectively in C++, which will enable you to write more efficient and sophisticated programs.

What You Will Learn

  • Introduction to C++ Data Structures: Understand the basics of data structures and their importance in programming.
  • Queue Data Structure: Learn the principles behind the queue data structure, including FIFO (First-In, First-Out) concepts, and how to implement them in C++.
  • Stack Data Structure: Understand the LIFO (Last-In, First-Out) nature of stacks and learn to implement them using C++ with practical examples.
  • Binary Search Tree: Master the fundamental concepts of binary search trees, including insertion, deletion, and traversal algorithms.
  • Linked List Data Structure: Learn about linked lists, their structure, types (singly, doubly, circular), and how to manipulate them effectively in C++.

Tutorial Content

  • Introduction to C++ Data Structures
  • Queue Data Structure
    • FIFO concepts
    • Implementing queues in C++
  • Stack Data Structure
    • LIFO concepts
    • Stack implementation in C++
  • Binary Search Tree
    • Structure and properties
    • Insertion, deletion, and traversal
  • Linked List Data Structure
    • Singly, doubly, and circular linked lists
    • Linked list manipulation and usage