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HashSet / HashMap in Java

Welcome to our online course on Java Collections, focusing on HashSet, HashMap, TreeSet, and TreeMap. This course is designed to provide a deep dive into the core concepts, functionalities, and practical applications of these fundamental Java data structures.

What You Will Learn

  • Introduction to HashSet, HashMap, TreeSet, and TreeMap: Get acquainted with the foundational concepts and differences between these Java collections.
  • HashSet Basics: Learn about the unique properties of HashSet and how to implement it in your Java programs.
  • HashMap Basics: Understand the key-value pairing mechanism of HashMap and its use cases.
  • TreeSet Basics: Explore the sorted nature of TreeSet and how it maintains order.
  • TreeMap Basics: Discover the sorted key-value structure of TreeMap and its applications.

More Code Examples

Enhance your learning with practical examples, including:

  • Simple and advanced HashSet examples
  • Simple and advanced HashMap examples
  • Simple and advanced TreeSet examples
  • Simple and advanced TreeMap examples
  • Combining HashSets
  • Creating a HashMap alphabet
  • Converting a HashSet to an Array