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Inheritance and Polymorphism in Java

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Course Overview

Welcome to “Mastering Inheritance and Polymorphism: A Complete Guide”! This course is meticulously crafted to guide you through the intricacies of two fundamental object-oriented programming principles: inheritance and polymorphism. Through practical lessons and real-world code examples, you’ll gain the knowledge to leverage these concepts effectively in your Java programming projects.

What You Will Learn


  • Inheritance Basics: Understand the foundational principles of inheritance and why it is essential in object-oriented programming.
  • Single Inheritance: Explore how a class can derive from a single parent class to extend functionality while promoting code reuse.
  • Multilevel Inheritance: Learn how inheritance can form a chain of derived classes, showcasing hierarchical relationships.
  • Hierarchical Inheritance: Discover how one parent class can have multiple derived classes, highlighting shared functionality across subclasses.
  • The Super Keyword: Get to know how to use the super keyword to access and extend parent class properties and methods efficiently.


  • Polymorphism Basics: Understand the core concepts of polymorphism and its significance in enabling flexible and scalable code.
  • Static Polymorphism: Learn how method overloading allows functions to behave differently based on their input parameters.
    • Code Example 1: Illustrate static polymorphism using a Java code example.
    • Code Example 2: Further demonstrate static polymorphism with another practical example.
  • Dynamic Polymorphism: Dive into method overriding and see how different classes can provide specific implementations of a method.
    • Code Example 1: Demonstrate dynamic polymorphism through an easy-to-follow Java example.
    • Code Example 2: Reinforce understanding with another example of dynamic polymorphism in action.

More Code Examples

  • Java Code Example – Single Inheritance: Deepen your understanding of single inheritance with a practical code demonstration.
  • Java Code Example – Static Polymorphism (Method Overloading): See how static polymorphism functions in real-world code.


Assess your understanding of inheritance and polymorphism through a quiz designed to reinforce and test your knowledge.