Python Code Example: simple login

This is a Python function checkUserInput that takes username and password as parameters and checks if they match the predefined values of name and pw.

The code then takes input from the user for username and password and calls the checkUserInput function with the input values. If the function returns True, it prints “Successfully logged in”. If the function returns False, it prints “Wrong username or password”.

def checkUserInput(username, password):
    name, pw = "user", "123456"

    if name == username and pw == password:
        return True
        return False

username = input("Enter username: ")
password = input("Enter password: ")

if checkUserInput(username, password):
    print("Successfully logged in")
    print("Wrong username or password")
Output first run
Enter username: user
Enter password: 123456
Successfully logged in
Output second run
Enter username: adsf
Enter password: 123456
Wrong username or password