Calculate age in years and days

In this example, the Python datetime module is used to calculate and output the number of days and years of a birth date.

import datetime

def calculateAge(birthday):
    (d, m, y) = birthday.split('.')
    return d, m, y

birthday = str(
    input("Please enter your birthday in following format  "))
today =

splittedDate = calculateAge(birthday)
birthdayDate = datetime.datetime(
    int(splittedDate[2]), int(splittedDate[1]), int(splittedDate[0]))

age = (today - birthdayDate).days

print(repr(age) + " days old")
print(repr(int(age/365)) + " years old")
Please enter your birthday in following format  10.01.1993
10925 days old
29 years old