Setting Up Asyncio in Python

Installing Necessary Packages

Asyncio is part of the Python standard library, so there’s no need to install any additional packages to get started. However, it’s essential to ensure that you have Python 3.5 or later installed, as Asyncio is only available in these versions.

Basic Setup and Configuration

To start using Asyncio, you’ll need to import the asyncio module and create an event loop. The following example demonstrates a basic setup for an Asyncio application:

import asyncio

async def main():
    print("Asyncio setup complete")

Running Your First Asyncio Program

Here’s a simple Asyncio program that prints messages with a delay, demonstrating the non-blocking nature of coroutines:

import asyncio

async def greet(name):
    print(f"Hello, {name}")
    await asyncio.sleep(2)
    print(f"Goodbye, {name}")

async def main():
    await greet("Alice")
    await greet("Bob")