cplusplus coding basics

C++ Programming Basics

Course Overview

C++ is a powerful general-purpose programming language that supports procedural, object-oriented, and generic programming, making it a highly versatile language for developing software across various platforms and devices. This course aims to establish a solid foundation in C++, enhancing your understanding and proficiency in coding with this language.

What You Will Learn

  • C++ Programming Language Introduction:
    Get introduced to C++, its history, and its significance in the modern programming landscape.
  • Hello World:
    Begin your programming journey with the quintessential “Hello world” program to understand the structure of a C++ program.
  • Comments in C++:
    Learn how to write comments in C++, which are crucial for documenting your code.
  • Escape Sequences – Special Characters:
    Understand how to use escape sequences to incorporate special characters in your C++ programs.
  • Data Types and Variables:
    Dive into the basic data types in C++ and learn how to declare and initialize variables.
  • Input/Output:
    Master C++ input and output operations, which are essential for interacting with users and manipulating data.
  • Declaration and Initialization:
    Get detailed guidance on declaring and initializing variables effectively in C++.
  • Range of Values and Memory Size of All Data Types:
    Explore the range of values and memory sizes associated with different data types in C++ to optimize your application’s memory usage.
  • Datatype String:
    Focus on the string data type in C++, which is used extensively in text processing.
  • Operators in C++:
    Comprehensive coverage of C++ operators, including arithmetic, relational, and logical operators.
  • Read out Memory of Data Type:
    Learn how to access and read the memory of variables, which is important for understanding memory management in C++.

Hands-On C++ Code Examples

Gain practical experience with numerous code examples and hands-on exercises.

More Code Examples and Quiz

Reinforce your learning with additional code examples that challenge your understanding and application of C++ concepts. Conclude Part 1 of this course with a quiz to test your knowledge of C++ basics, ensuring you have a firm grasp of the material covered.