Python Code Example: volume and surface of a cube

This code calculates the volume and surface area of a cube with an edge length of edgeLength. The user is prompted to input the edge length, which is then passed as an argument to two functions getVolume and getSurface.

getVolume calculates the volume of the cube by raising the edge length to the power of 3 and returns the result.

getSurface calculates the surface area of the cube by multiplying 6 by the square of the edge length and returns the result.

Finally, the returned values from the functions are printed with the strings “Volume: ” and “Surface: “. The repr function is used to convert the integers to strings so they can be concatenated with the strings.

def getVolume(a):
    volume = a * a * a
    return volume

def getSurface(a):
    surface = 6 * a * a
    return surface

edgeLength = int(input("Please enter the edge length: "))
print("Volume: " + repr(getVolume(edgeLength)))
print("Surface: " + repr(getSurface(edgeLength)))
Please enter the edge length: 5 
Volume: 125
Surface: 150